Session Schedule

Thursday, March 9, 8:15-9:45 am

Panel 1: World Literature
Room: 335, Chair: TBD

The Sporadic Voices of the Dead in Pedro Páramo: Juan Rulfo's Public Sphere in Rural Mexico
Mario Bahena Uriostegui, Johnson C. Smith University

Dystopian Utopia: Past and Future (wo)Man in René Barjavel’s La Nuit des Temps
William Holley, Georgia Southern University

Trading Spaces: Doris Lessing on the Power of a New Public Sphere
Ben Sammons, Wingate University

Panel 2: World Languages and Cultures I
Room: 342, Chair: TBD

Shifting Grounds: Rethinking and Remaking African Independence After Freedom
Yohann Ripert, Stetson University

The State of the European Cultural Ideal
David Graber, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

The Double Mirror: Private and Public Spheres in the Life and Work of Clotilde Marghieri
Wanda Balzano, Wake Forest University

Panel 3: European Cinema
Room: 343, Chair: TBD

Public Space and Interiority in Vittorio De Sica's Umberto D
Antonio Melchor, Eckerd College

The Effects of Loss in the Sublime Moment: Jean Pierre and Lucky Dardenne's Le Fils
William Engstrand, Morgan State University

Panel 4: Latin American Music and Literature
Room: 345, Chair: TBD

Hey, I Know Some Stories About the Future: The Hauntology of Los Prisioneros' "El baile de los que sobran"
Eunice Rojas, Furman University

Public Spaces in the Essays of Julio Camba
Mark Couture, Western Carolina University

Aesthetic Parallels in Changó, el gran putas and Children of Blood and Bones
Thomas Edison, University of Louisville

Thursday, March 9, 10-11:15 am

Panel 5: Spanish I
Room: 335, Chair: TBD

La autonomía en los movimientos indígenas modernos: El Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
Ellen Atterbury , NC State University

Similitudes y confluencias entre la teoría habermasiana y la enseñanza de la interculturalidad en ELE: la enseñanza de la interculturalidad en una sociedad postsecular.
Arturo Moreno Ruiz, Auburn University

Lope de Vega y la sublevación flamenca: convergencias de lo público y lo privado en "Los españoles en Flandes" (ca. 1597-1606)
Javier Lorenzo, East Carolina University

Panel 6: World Languages and Cultures II
Room: 342, Chair: TBD

Rise of the Viewer: Killing the Gods to Make Our Own
Andrew Hall, California Polytechnic State University

Performance of Power: The Significance of Sacrifice in the Funeral of Patroclus
Aubrey Crum, University of Georgia

Letter City or Public Sphere? Symbolically Figuring Associative Life in Two Porfirian Plays
Kevin Anzzolin, Christopher Newport University

Panel 7: German Studies I
Room: 343, Chair: TBD

Erleben und Erinnern - Native Americans und jüdische Menschen im Zerrbild der deutschen Mehrheitsgesellschaft
Ulrich Rittmann, University of William & Mary

Explosive Poetics: Catastrophic Totality and Narrative Fission in Christa Wolf's Störfall
Joseph Lund, Duke University

The Depiction of Homesickness, Melancholy, and Nostalgia in Henry Harbaugh's Pennsylvania Dutch Poems
Berni Beringer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Panel 8: Public Spheres I
Room: 345, Chair: Stephan Schindler

The Online Picasso Project, Digital Media and the Public Sphere
Enrique Mallen, Sam Houston State University

Amsterdam and "Public Works"; Private Citizens Creating Public Goods
Jenneke Oosterhoff, University of Minnesota

Private to Public: The Holocaust Memoir and Agnostic Jewishness
James Weatherford, Southern New Hampshire University

Thursday, March 9, 12:45-2 pm

Panel 9: Spanish II
Room: 335, Chair: TBD

Imperio cosmopolitismo y la Primera Guerra Mundial en Mare Nostrum de Blasco Ibanez
Álvaro A. Ayo, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Representaciones de exclusión y hegemonía física, social, y simbólica en los ámbitos públicos y privados en La zona (2007)
Jose Adrian Badillo Carlos, Queens University of Charlotte

Esfera Pública, ciudadanía y prensa popular boliviana del siglo XIX
Jaime Salinas Zabalaga, University of North Georgia

Panel 10: French Language and Literature I
Room: 342, Chair: TBD

Amélie Nothomb : la frontière fictive entre les sphères publique et privée
Yves-Antoine Clemmen, Stetson University

Failles, de Yannick Lahens : De la catastrophe naturelle à la prise de parole, ou la dénonciation des discours institutionnels passés et présents pour reconstruire l’espace public et la société en Haïti
Aude Jehan, Auburn University

If You Have Something Nice to Say, Don't Say Anything at All: the Reasons Why the French Don't Compliment As Much as Americans Do
Eve Rock, Western Carolina University

Panel 11: German Studies II
Room: 343, Chair: TBD

Doppelpunkt oder Sternchen: Public Discourse on Gender in Germany
Margit Grieb, University of South Florida

Schwarzfahrer: The Tram as Public Sphere
Stephan Schindler, University of South Florida, Tampa

When the Children Touched the Paintings: The Afterlives of the New German Cinema and the Red Army Faction
Rudy Martinez, Graduate Center--City University of New York

Panel 12: World Languages and Cultures III
Room: 345, Chair: TBD

Inadvertent Publics: Media and Identity in Suburban North-India
Gayas Eapen, North Carolina State University

The Mythology of Racial Democracy in Brazil: Analysis of the Formation of National Brazilian Identity Vs. Afro-Brazilian Reality
Tatianna Wilkins, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Thursday, March 9, 2:15-3:30pm

Panel 13: Políticas de la forma
Room: 335, Chair: TBD

Folklore experimental en la obra documental de Sergio Bravo
Gonzalo Montero, Virginia Tech

Recursividad y arte combinatoria en dos cortos de Raúl Ruiz
Ignacio López-Vicuña, University of Vermont

Fantasías neocoloniales y cuerpos indígenas en El techo de la ballena de Raúl Ruiz
Andreea Marinescu, Colorado College

Panel 14: French Language and Literature II
Room: 342, Chair: TBD

Les "mise'rables": intertextualite' et politique dans Le consul (2014) de Salim Bachi
Martine Wagner, University of South Florida

Fonctions de la voix off et autonomisation de la femme dans L'Arbre sans fruit.
Amina Saidou, James Madison University

Panel 15: German Studies III
Room: 343, Chair: TBD

The Performance of Spiritual Motherhood in the (Counter) Public Sphere of Imperial Germany (1890-1914)
Barbara Besendorfer, University of Cincinnati

Free Time - A Disappearing Phenomena of the Private Sphere?
Katja Riegler, Duke University

A New Public for the New Music
Tatjana Zimbelius-Klem, UNC Chapel Hill

Panel 16: The Arab World
Room: 345, Chair: TBD

'To save Tunisia': The populist rhetoric in the Tunisian President's speech of July 25
Kamilia Rahmouni, Virginia Commonwealth University

Diversity and Conflict in the Arab Public Sphere: The Case of Atheist Writer Mohamed Choukri
Natalie Khazaal, Georgia Tech

Friday, March 10, 9:00-10:30 am

Panel 17: Márgenes y Exclusiones
Room: 335, Chair: TBD

Transcorporrealidad y poshumanismo en la ficción española contemporánea
Javier Catano, University of South Florida

El libre albedrío y la conciencia poshumana: Una redefinición de agencia y su descentralización
Kevin Garcia Rivera, University of South Florida

Azul y no tan Rosa: Identidad de género en el cine hispanoamericano
Maria Gabriela Gutierrez, University of South Florida

Panel 18: World Languages Pedagogy I
Room: 342, Chair: TBD

The Elephant in the Room: Affective Factors in Learning and Teaching Spanish
Sandra Watts, UNC Charlotte

How Important Is It to Include Business in the German Language Classroom?
Angela Jakeway, University of NC at Charlotte

Panel 19: World Language and Culture IV
Room: 343, Chair: TBD

A Metapragmatic Analysis of TikTok Metalinguistic Commentary: Janoubi Dialect- Speaking Social Media Celebrity
Nafla Alshahrani, University of South Florida

Absorbing Catholicism: Post-Contact Evolution of the Maya Cosmovision and its Visual Representation
Cassidy Cannon, Georgia State University

Stoker 404: How the Digital Delivery of Dracula Captured an Audience for Classic Literature Discussion in 2022
Michelle Drake, Heritage University

Panel 20: East Asian Studies I
Room: 339, Chair: TBD

When China Dolls Try to Speak: Self-Representation in Works of East Asian American Directors
Xinyue Wang, Beijing Film Academy

Small Language Program Assessment: Strategies and Tools for Success
William Lehman, Western Carolina University

An Exploration of Classical Chinese Negation
Nakita Barakadyn, University of Georgia

Friday, March 10, 10:45am-12:15pm

Panel 21: Elevated Discourse
Room: 335, Chair: TBD

Renaissance Italy: Video Games versus Reality
Brandon Essary, Elon University

Antonio Rubino and the Chivalric Epic in Modern Italy
Michael Maher, College of Charleston

Prêt-à-porter/Prêt-à-jeter: Public Performance as Survival Strategy in Bande de filles (2014)
Robert Sapp, College of Charleston

Panel 22: World Languages Pedagogy II
Room: 342, Chair: TBD

Public Spheres Through Social Media: Expanding Student Cultural Competency, Appreciation of Perspectives, and Connections.
Shawn Morrison, College of Charleston

Implementation of Collaborative Online International Learning in a University Foreign Language Class
Noriko Mori-Kolbe, Georgia Southern University

Learning for All: Equitable Pedagogy in a Russian Language Classroom
Snezhana Zheltoukhova, Stetson University

Panel 23: Public Spaces and Aesthetics in the Hispanic World
Room: 343, Chair: TBD

Outside the Public Sphere: Counter-Discourses on Violence in Peru and Paraguay
Heike Scharm, University of South Florida

Exemplarity in the Bedroom, Gossip in the Street: Sexuality and Power in Late Medieval Iberia
Samuel Sanchez-Sanchez, Davidson College

Panel 24: East Asian Studies II
Room: 339, Chair: TBD

"Let's fast together": A discourse analysis of Korean pro-ana communities on Twitter
Jihye Kim, University of South Florida

"This Is Our Girl Way of Having Michlin Food": Multimodality and Identities of Chinese Female Reviewers on Xiaohongshu
Yuxuan Mu, University of South Florida

#Charming Chinese male awards: Remediatizing representations of toxic masculinity via hashtagging on Chinese microblogging
Luoxiangyu Zhang, University of South Florida